Wednesday, 1 July 2015

AABC2015 AirAsia Bloggers' Community Photo Rally & Party 2015 in Bangkok JK1169


Johor Kaki had the opportunity to participate in the AirAsia Bloggers' Community Photo Rally & Party 2015 in Bangkok. One hundred bloggers from Asia and Australia took part in the events in Bangkok on 10 Jun 2015.

Doubletree By Hilton Hotel Johor Bahru Ramadhan Buffet JK1168

Johor Kaki was invited to visit the Ramadhan buffet at Doubletree By Hilton Hotel Johor Bahru. As expected, the buffet spread was extensive with many varieties of traditional and international dishes but I just indulged myself with my usual favourites.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Singapore Food Festival SFF2015 JK1167


Johor Kaki was invited to the media preview of Singapore Food Festival 2015 (SFF2015). Since 1994 (that's 21 years ago), the SFF is held annually to celebrate Singapore’s best dishes and culinary talents.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Restoran Tong in Skudai Johor Bahru JB 东肉骨茶馆 JK1166


Ever since I first tasted the kampung chicken at Restoran Tong nearly 3 years ago, this has been one of my favourite food stops when I bring my friends around Johor Bahru.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

5 Tips Untuk Mengenalpasti Buah Durian Musang King Rajah Kunyit atau Mao Shan Wang 


Buah-Durian-Musang-King-Rajah-Kunyit- Mao-Shan-Wang

Seorang pembaca Johor Kaki yang tidak ingin dikenali mencadangkan saya menulis sebuah artikel untuk membandingkan durian “Rajah Kunyit / Mao Shan Wang” dan jenis durian lain, supaya menyenangkan orang lain mengenalpasti jenis “Musang King”.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Above Eleven Sukhumvit Bangkok Rooftop Bar and Peruvian Restaurant JK1164


This was my first time tasting Peruvian food, which is like a "United Nations" of world cuisine as in Peru, they combined the food cultures of peoples from four continents that settled there over the centuries. Tasting it high above the throbbing streets of Bangkok made it even more memorable.

Friday, 26 June 2015

如何辨認哪是真假猫山王榴莲 JK1163


一位 Johor Kaki 读者建议我把猫山王与其他榴莲侧面对比,使之更容易辨認哪是猫山王榴莲。 


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Uncle Chicken Rice at Bedok Market Place Singapore (formerly Sin Kee Margaret Drive) JK1162


Fans of the famous Sin Kee 新记 at (now demolished) Margaret Drive food centre will be glad to know that the decades old chicken rice stall is still around and kicking thriving.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Charcoal Tandoor Grill & Mixology Bangkok Bkk JK1161

Charcoal-Tandoor-Grill-Mixology -Bangkok-Bkk

An Indian fine dining restaurant in the heart of Bangkok serving cuisine from the subcontinent's Northwest Frontier famed for it's meaty tandoor dishes and dum briyani. Pair it with innovative cocktails specially created to match the hearty food of India's rugged Northwest.

5 Tips on How to Spot a Mao Shan Wang MSW Musang King Durian 猫山王 JK1160


An anonymous Johor Kaki reader suggested that I post a side by side comparison of a Mao Shan Wang with other durians to make it easier to spot a Musang King.

So, here it is :-D

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